Postcards from Portugal

Tess, Jaime and Harry have been training in Portugal – 100% focused. They’ve packed up and are on the road again and snuck in this update from the highway.

We extended our trip in Europe and we were fortunate enough to hitch a ride for our FX on top on the Singaporeans van! Check out the set up!

We were training in Portugal for a month and we’re invited to join a Spanish training camp in Santander. So, we jumped at the opportunity! There is a small group of the top FX teams such as the Brazilian, Norwegian and Dutch teams.

We are loving every moment of our training and trying to learn as much as possible (without giving too much away haha) before returning to Portugal for one last regatta. Then it’s time to head back to Australia (wish us luck for hotel quarantine) before heading to Tokyo for our Olympic Games!

Thank you again to SSCBC for being a part of our journey. The support we receive from the club and the ongoing support from so many members is amazing. Hope everyone is taking on the winter elements out on Port Phillips Bay, whether it is out on your boat or swimming to the baths and back! It’s pretty beautiful over here, but to be honest, nothing beats home. 🙂

Editors note: The sails don’t have their proper sail number and country flag on them yet – this probably means they haven’t been used in competition yet and are being evaluated – Interesting to know how they perform, especially in wavey conditions are these the ones they will take to Tokyo?

Looks pretty nice over there.