Pursuit Races

Pursuit update.

So it may not end up being a glamorous day of sailing today but the models and the observations are lining up and predicting suitable conditions for sailing today.

For the period around race time, the 4 models in predict wind are forecasting around 15 knots at Sorrento and Meteye is in the 15-20 band for most of the bay around us. Meteye does tend to overstate the mean wind for our location with this type of weather cell.

The pursuit races are a pretty relaxed affair, pretty clear start line for boats and it’s not a series, it’s just an opportunity to have a sail and a race.

At this time of year boat’s may not have their full or usual crew, so each boat will decide if having a sail today is going to be fun. Other boats will have a no-brainer, the breeze is fresh, it might be a good workout before lunch on Tuesday and they have fun in the stronger stuff.

So we’re still rolling with racing today and those that come along should have some fun in the fresher breeze and let’s see which boats will be the inaugural Cocks of the Deck.

The race management team will be available at 12:30 to have a chat if anyone has any questions, sort of like a briefing but pretty casual and informal.