Update 10 November 2022

If you’ve walked past the Clubhouse lately, you will have seen the recent progress, which is very exciting. Up to 50 workers are on site every day! We are loving watching it all come together. Below is an update on the construction progress as at 10 November 2022:


  • External cladding almost complete to East, South and North
  • Majority of timber window and door frames installed, with glazing to be finished in the next week
  • Northern deck extension and entrance steel is being manufactured and will be installed soon
  • Solar panels installed
Back of house
  • Kitchen vinyl and steel complete
  • Kitchen equipment delivered on site
  • Couta’s kitchen – walls have been plastered, ceiling grids will be completed this week
Internal Fit Out
  • Ground floor Male and Female changerooms have been tiled and grouted, fit off 50% complete
  • Level 1 bathrooms – waterproofing done
  • Sailing Centre and office – framing and some rough in complete
  • Level 1 admin offices – frame and rough in complete
  • Lacco Room – rough in complete
  • Dining room and Members’ lounge – sub floor installed


Click on two images below for video updates as at 10 November 2022. 



Update 19 October 2022

Recent progress on our Clubhouse redevelopment:

Ground floor change / bathrooms rooms
Water proofing complete  – Tiling commenced

Ground floor change / Couta Kitchen
Rough in complete – Plaster walls , joinery and kitchen installation

Ground West end works
West end steel installed – Roofing works to continue and cladding

Level 1 East end works
Roofing Complete

Level 1 Main Bar & Kitchen
Secondary Steel being finalised – Framing and rough in to start

Level 1 Main Bar & Kitchen
Rough in Complete – Plaster walls , joinery and kitchen installation

South, north & east walls commenced – Windows next week.

Coming Up

Completion of timber cladding

Main bar cabinetry to be installed

Sailing Centre, admin offices and F&B office cabinetry to be installed

Western end roof to be completed

Completion of main kitchen

Completion of toilets on Level 1 and ground floor

Completion of Couta’s kitchen.


VIDEO PROGRESS – Click on below images to play video of construction progress.


PHOTOS of construction progress below as at 19 October 2022:


Update 15 September 2022

Recent progress on our Clubhouse redevelopment includes:

Ground floor change / bathrooms rooms
Wall lining  – cement sheet completed

Ground West end works
West end first floor slab stage 1 complete

Level 1 East end works
Stud framing complete
Roofing commenced

Level 1 Main Bar
Steel works progressing
Main bar frame complete
Electrical rough in commenced

Level 1 Bathrooms
Electrical and plumbing rough in completed

Update 17 August 2022

The clubhouse redevelopment is progressing well, with the following updates from the construction team:

Ground floor change / bathrooms rooms
Wall lining commenced

Level 1 East end works
Structural steel erected

Ground West end works
West end ground floor slab complete

Level 1 – Main Bar
Steel works progressing
Stud framing commenced

Level 1 Bathrooms
Electrical rough in commenced
Plumbing rough in commenced

Update 19 July 2022

The latest update on the construction progress of the Clubhouse redevelopment is as follows:

Ground floor east extension works
Lift shaft complete
Ground and first floor concrete slab complete
Block work complete
Plumbing rough in commenced
Electrical rough in commenced
Ground floor change / bathrooms
Stud wall installation progressing
Plumbing rough in commenced
Electrical rough in commenced
Ground floorwest end works
Detailed concrete demo around existing steel beams
Services trenches prepared at Northern end completed
Services trenches prepared through Couta’s Kitchen completed
Propping in place
Level 1 – Main Bar
Steel works commenced
Floor waste coreholes installed
Level 1 Bathrooms
Fully stripped
External works
Western retaining wall temporary bracing completed
Trenching at northern end of building completed
Entry stair footings installed

Update 24 June 2022

The Clubhouse Redevelopment is progressing on time and budget, with an update from the builders below.

Ground floor east extension works
Lift shaft progressing, wall underpinning complete, concrete slab complete, steel work installation, block work progressing, demo nearing completion.

Ground floor changerooms / bathrooms

Sewer lines complete and block work progressing.

West end works
Propping in place, removal of existing concrete to make way for services extensions and block work progressing.


Update 30 March 2022

Lloyd Group has been busy completing the demo this week. We will keep you updated on the redevelopment and its progress as we watch it unfold from the Temporary Clubhouse.


Update 10 February 2022

Thank you to those Members who were able to join us for the Member presentation via Zoom on 8 February 2022. Please see the presentation slides here.


Update 7 February 2022

Please see our latest email to Members on 7 February 2022 about the Funding of the Clubhouse Redevelopmet here.


Update 31 January 2022

Please see our latest newsletter with redevelopment updates, including timeframes, financing, temporary Clubhouse and more here.

Information covering all aspects of the redevelopment including operational, budgetary, financing and Member contributions will be provided via e-Tidings and this page of our website.

We will also be holding Member briefings via Zoom, the first of which will be held on Tuesday 8 February at 6:30pm.


Update December 2021

We are thrilled to announce that the redevelopment of the SSCBC Clubhouse will commence in February 2022 with Lloyd Group. This exciting project will provide world class facilities to our Members across our sailing, hospitality and event spaces, continuing our proud history of providing opportunities for sailing for everyone, from our junior dinghy sailors to our incredible fleet of Couta Boats. Our redevelopment will enhance many aspects of our Club, including sailing, Member facilities and our interaction with our community. Read below for more detail.


Update November 2021

The Temporary Clubhouse will be erected on the lawn near the main flagpole (see images below), providing food & beverage options for our Members to enjoy. Couta Boat and Off The Beach sailing will continue throughout the year uninterrupted, with Members able to enjoy a drink and a pie, sausage roll, salad roll and sweet treats in the temporary Clubhouse after sailing. There will also be a deck area and toilets. We will have BBQ nights and other functions throughout the year. Opening hours are to be confirmed, but the temporary Clubhouse will provide a home for Members to enjoy from February 2022 until the completion of the redevelopment.


Update 18 May 2021

Thank you to those Members who attended the Zoom presentation on Wednesday 12 May. Presented by Henry Dyer (CEO) and Rollo Wright (Chair of Infrastructure Committee), who together with the Sub-Committee (Jonathan Long, Richard Hurley and Bruce Griffiths) and designers, have been working hard on making sure the redevelopment meets our needs, both now and into the future. The presentation provided incredible renders of the inside and outside, showing what the Clubhouse will look like following next year’s update.

Click here to view the presentation.

On Saturday 15 May at 10am, Henry conducted a walk around the Club to give Members an understanding of the redevelopment and the proposed changes.

Member feedback on the Clubhouse Project is welcome up until 31 May. Please contact Henry Dyer: [email protected]

Update 1 July 2020

Thank you to those Members who attended the Clubhouse Redevelopment Member Forum, via Zoom, on 3 June 2020. Please find below the questions that were put to the Infrastructure Committee, and their answers.

Clubhouse Redevelopment Member Forum

3 June 2020 @ 6pm via Zoom


Why are we not proceeding now?

Due to the recent Club closure and the financial uncertainties at present, the General Committee and management has prudently decided to put the Clubhouse redevelopment “on hold” for now, but will be proceeding with the lodgement of the amended plans to Council. We will make a call on a re-commencement date in due course. Construction is unlikely to commence before 2022. 


The proposed balcony extension to the north of the dining room will be enjoyed by a limited number of tables (weather permitting). However, it will compromise the uninterrupted view of the beach from the dining room.

The deck is an extension to the dining room for outdoor sittings for breakfast, lunch and dinner when weather permits. Dining in the dining room, particularly for breakfast and lunch service, is less popular than the outside dining experience currently enjoyed on the existing northern deck.

The existing bi-folding windows will be replaced with full height glass bi-folding doors, therefore removing the timber section between the bi-folding window and fixed window below, increasing the view line to Port Phillip Bay.

To minimise view obstructions from the dining room when the deck is not being used, the furniture will be removed from the deck and stored.

A barrier at each end of the deck section, such as a planter box, will be used by management to stop the flow of patrons between the decks. The intention of this deck is not as a thoroughfare.


Note no columns shown beneath. Boat access after inclusions of columns will prevent access by dinghies?

The position of the row of columns supporting the existing roof structure above the galley will be maintained for the proposed deck extension above. The new deck will be cantilevered approx. 1 metre beyond the existing columns.


Can we ask Carr to do some renderings of what the view looks like from a table next to the window now versus proposed?

Better than this, we have built a mock up section of the proposed deck and will leave this structure up until the end of July for Members to see.


The most important element seems the eastern end with the new kitchen. Could we break the project into eastern end first and western end later?

Staging the project is a good thought. We had previously looked at staging the previous scheme, however, this was deemed too challenging given the entrance and kitchen were being relocated. The revised scheme would appear easier to stage into eastern and western end works if desired. We will now assess this to see if it is a viable option.


There is a lot of additional room for F & B storage. Do you really need the large space next to the boat workshop? I am sure the training fleet and OTB sailors would like to see this space dedicated to sailors.

This space is already dedicated to F & B storage currently housing the ice fridge, additional keg storage, etc. The only additional storage to the existing building is newly created space next to the female change rooms.

There will be substantially more storage adjacent to the hardstand in the form of a new shed approx. 4m wide x 16m long.


Why can we not locate the F & B staff office downstairs or in an extension to the race tower? The liberated space could be used for private functions and a committee room on the main club deck.

The F & B office and storage, which is currently located in this position, remains as the preferred location with the connection to the general office staff and connection to the dining room. This space is used to store furniture from the dining room or decks when not required.

Private functions will be possible in the Lacco Room with the galley kitchen located next door with direct access.


I do not think we need a fire place and it ruins the view to sea as you enter. We do not need it.

Many Members have expressed a view that the fire place is an important feature of our existing Members’ Lounge. The proposed fire place suspended from the ceiling will reduce the obstruction of the view substantially compared to the existing one. We believe this is a visually pleasing aspect of the design.  


The western deck operable ceiling is a very expensive option. Strikes me that it should either be open or closed roof with skylights.

We believe the option of having the western deck (front half) open or closed from the elements to be a positive feature of the design. However, once the project is costed and if value management is required this could be an area we look for savings.


Do you need the northern stairs? Kids can use the western stairs (where you want them) and security is better if adults enter the Club from the south.

We have considered previously whether the stairs to the north are needed. We believe direct access from the beach and hardstand is vital. A security guard is now stationed at the top of the stairs during summer to sign in visitors and control non-member access.


Have we thought how we will manage security with so many access points?

For the 20/21 season, the Club will be using its new Northstar member management software which includes access control. We will be using RFID cards for Members to tap into the building at various points around the Club, including private areas such as the Sailing Centre and Lacco Room. Guests will only be allowed to sign in at reception or the top of the northern Stairs (January), using QR code scanning technology.


Will there be cutting edge integrated AV and technology to ensure we can maximise our return for all event spaces?

Yes 100%, we will work with consultants to make sure all the different areas of the club have the very best AV solutions.


Could you please explain the necessity and cost of increasing the dining, and re-configuring, when the seating capacity is stated to stay unaltered at 140? Expensive two tables.

‘Squaring off’ the western end of the building creates a more regular shaped dining room and western deck, creating a better aspect towards the views for both internal and external tables to the west and avoids the entry doors facing the south/west weather. It creates a larger storage area at the rear for unused furniture and a location for F & B staff room. It also helps create more options regarding the shape of the rooms below, including the galley and Lacco Room which is currently an awkward, inefficient shape.


Why are the BBQs so far forward on the western lawn?

The BBQs currently located on the western lawn will be remaining as is.


I note there are 3 female showers. Is this enough considering the increased members (hopefully lots of kids washing after sailing).

 This seems light on, we will review this.


Will you be installing solar panels?

We are currently speaking to a solar expert about this. We would like to and will potentially look to do this for the existing building with a view to adding to it with the redevelopment.


Will you be changing the liquor licence numbers? 

We are reviewing all the red line and licensing requirements. This will be done in consultation with a number of different parties including the council, liquor licensing and our town planning consultant. Members will be kept informed of any proposed changes. 


Why do we need to extend the red line on the Western Lawn? 

We would like to ensure that the alcohol that is already consumed on the Western Lawn is properly supervised with clearly marked areas for Members only. At the moment, it is a free for all with Members and non-members bringing alcohol from home. Members are also ferrying glasses of alcohol from the bar upstairs which is not allowed. Furthermore, we have identified the Western Lawn as an area for families where kids can play on the beach and parents can easily supervise. There will be less people on the front deck making it ideal for post-race celebrations and pre-dinner drinks.


How will the bar function from the galley?  

Understanding that during the day, The Galley is used by children, we will only serve alcohol from 4:00pm until 7:00pm in January. Affordable casual food will be available from The Galley completing the “family experience.”


I am concerned about the removal of the wall opposite the entrance to the bathrooms, the current wall hides the doorway to the bathrooms and offers some form of privacy for people using the bathroom as well as diners sitting in that area.

Yes, the infrastructure committee agrees that this wall should be retained.


With the expanded western deck we need to think of toilet access.  With the current plan, western deck users and children would walk through the dining room to the toilets. This could be a problem if we have an event in the dining room and say casual dining on the western deck. Could we continue the proposed external stairs for catering staff on the south side of the building so as to provide access to down stairs toilets?

This is one of those less than ideal ones given we are renovating an existing building. We agree patrons will access the upstairs toilets by walking along the corridor between the dining room and F & B office. Patrons can also access the toilets downstairs from the western deck stairs. Interesting idea to connect the back of house staff stairs from the western deck to the back of the change rooms. We will investigate this, however, suspect it will be too narrow between the retaining wall and Clubhouse.

We will continue to consider a number of options and alternatives in this regard.


I was disappointed that lift service is no longer extending to the race tower level.

The lift location moved as a function of the reception area moving back to the eastern end of the building. Therefore, the lift was no longer able to connect into the race tower. The lift in its newly proposed location sits within the new section of the building which will be more cost effective to construct. Having said that, we acknowledge some of our Members may be disappointed by this change so we will review the plans to see if there is an alternative option.


Member Information Session Via Zoom on Wednesday 3 June 6pm.

As previously advised by the Commodore last month, due to the Club closure and the financial uncertainties at present, the General Committee and management has prudently decided to put the Clubhouse redevelopment “on hold” for now. Construction is unlikely to commence before 2022. A Members’ information session will be held on Wednesday 3 June 6pm (via Zoom) to present the updated plans and elevations. Members will be given the opportunity to provide any comments to the updated plans, prior to 26 June.

Click below to view the latest plans:

SSCBC_Architectural Drawings_3D Views 1

SSCBC_Architectural Drawings_3D Views 2

SSCBC_Architectural Drawings_3D Views 3

SSCBC_Architectural Drawings_3D Views 4

SSCBC_Architectural Drawings_External Views

SSCBC_Architectural Drawings_Proposed Plans