Sail Limitation – Change to CBA Class Rules

The CBA has changed Class rule 12.28 in an attempt to bring some uniformity to the purchase of new sails by limiting the number of sails purchased in a given period.


CBA General Committee

Class rule 12.28 is replaced with:

 New Sail Limitations

(a) Each boat can only acquire one new no. 1 head sail each year and one new main sail every second year.
(b) The year commences on the 1st November each year.
(c) Each sail must be issued with a measurement code.  A sail is deemed to be acquired for the purpose of (a) when it is issued with the measurement code.
(d) To be issued with a measurement code, a sail measurement sheet shall be completed by the sail maker and submitted to the technical committee.
(e) Sail acquisition rights apply to the boat, not the owner.
(f) Unused sail allocation cannot be carried forward to subsequent years.
(g) The sail number, sail type, acquisition date and legible name of the measurer shall be entered on the boat’s sail near the sail maker’s logo.
(h) Any re-cutting, re-design, alteration or repair shall not deem the sail to be a new sail for the purpose of (a) unless 33.3% or more of the material is replaced.

Sail Measurement Sheet 2019

Example of measurement code

If Ripple purchased a new mainsail in November 2019 that was measured by Fred Scuttle, her measurement code near sail maker’s logo would be:

C27-M-Nov2019-Fred Scuttle