Sanpellegrino Cup Couta Boat Race

Sailors and visitors to the Club were delighted with samples of Sanpellegrino, Sparking Fruit Beverage and Acqua Panna on Saturday 15 February 2020 as they prepared for sailing in the Sanpellegrino Cup Couta Boat Race. Thank you to Sanpellegrino for their ongoing support.

With a marginal weather forecast, we headed out to try two races on Saturday as the re-sail for the CBA State Championships. In reality, we were hopeful and were prepared to go out, give it a try and come back if we needed to. We had greater confidence in the safety because the weather was more stable; the previous weekend we had thunderstorms and large hailstones forecast.

With the aim of getting a result, we smashed out a couple of shorter races, and everyone was thrilled to get two races in for the CBA States. Sailors enjoyed the great hospitality from Sanpellegrino and the first race of the day was designated the Sanpellegrino Cup.

Congratulations to the Handicap winners on the day: Div 1 Rhapsody (Race 1) and The Barra (Race 2), though Beau, Matilda and Nepean are in a three way tie as series leaders in Div 1.

In Div 2, Kitty Miller won both races and leads the series, with Fiona carrying another two points and Aliscia trailing a further 2 points.