She Sails @ SSCBC

Over the weekend we held our She Sails @ Sorrento regatta. These initiatives are journey programs to set women and girls up to be fully comfortable enjoying racing and officiating at the Club. We’ve found that the tone of these events facilitates faster learning and accelerates confidence. The end result is enhanced skills and proficiency in any sailing participation.

Once again, we were thrilled to have the Sabre Ladies at Sorrento. They like to get away for the weekend and camp in the camping grounds next to the Club, with the added comfort of the Club’s showers and change rooms and their Saturday night BBQ has become a bit of an institution.

We saw a regular turnout of great coaches: Kate, Laura, Casey and Libby were led by Australian Sailing Head Coach Carrie Smith.  On the Race Committee side of things, Glenys Hitchen has been working to develop Deb Kwasnicki’s skills. They spent Friday working at Girlsail together before Deb took the lead, supported by Glenys on Saturday, before finally going solo with Margie Marks stepping in on Sunday.

By popular demand, we will be running another She Sails and Drives RHIBS during the School Holidays, spread across a number of mornings, which is a format that has worked really well.  Keep your eye out for further details.