Sorrento Slalom 2019

During the WASZP games we came up with a really simple and exciting slalom course design that the sailors loved. Just putting tradition to one side, we’ve tuned the course again and made it simple to race with a variety of classes and flights.
  • Boats have a reaching start after a 3 minute sequence, zig zig down the course, head up to the top then two last gybes before they finish.
  • This course is suited to the fast VMG classes, WASZP, 49er, 29er, B14 even A class. All the boats that sail a VMG course downwind, it’s not suitable for Lasers and Optis.
  • It can also be used for team racing 2-v-2 and match racing for these classes.
  • It’s really easy to set and run – the lengths and number of gates can be varied and a wind shift doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t have to be dead downwind, it’s all part of the game.
  • For the race committee it can be done using one start/finish boat and one rib can lay the course and cover safety (scaled up for bigger numbers if needed.)
  • Different classes can run on the course together with suitable spacing between starts, so 6 WASZPs and 4 49ers  go from an odd bunch to a pretty cool series.
  • So if you think this looks like fun, gets some mates and join us for some full-on fun!