Acacia Energy is championing the energy sector’s transition from centralised, fossil-fuel power generation towards renewable energy that is locally generated, locally stored and locally used. Acacia Energy works with our clients to find a tailored renewable solution that meets their businesses needs while also reducing carbon emissions and electricity costs. Acacia Energy clients often see a 65% or higher reduction in their energy costs.

Acacia Energy is excited to sponsor the Acacia Energy Next Gen race and support the SSCBC community to not only think and act sustainably, but to also encourage the next generation of sailors.

Acacia Energy is offering members FREE commercial energy audits to assist your business transition to renewable and lower cost energy as well as exclusive Solar PV and storage battery discounts on Next Gen race day!

Acacia Energy’s chairman Richard Martin is a SSCBC member, General Committee Member, and an active Couta Boat sailor on Zephyr, which will participate in the Next Gen Race. Richard can be contacted around the Club on m. 0413 585 255.

Alternatively, please contact Stephen Thomson, CEO Acacia Energy on:

E: [email protected]
T: 03 9596 9800  m. 0413 333 560