The Importance of History

Some years ago, Gary Kerr, along with Michael Innes and Steve Burnham, penned a beautiful coffee table book called First Home. It’s a book we often gift to our guest speakers or dignitaries as it captures the history of the Couta boats. The CBA manages a Boat Register but it is scant on detail of many of the boats. Luckily, we still have Gary around, along with Tim Phillips, Dugga Beazley and Will Baillieu who have a great deal of historic knowledge in their heads.

Ralph Wilson and Rod Martin put their heads together with a romantic mission to update our Couta Boat Register for all time, firstly as a website record, and then to publish the register in printed form as a coffee table masterpiece to sit alongside First Home.

They need your help. If you are an owner, past or present and have knowledge, tales or photos of any Couta Boat, we’d like to know about it.

If you are approached by a “production team” member to provide information about your boat(s) past or present we’d be grateful if you could take the approach seriously and respond promptly. The record will only be as good as the information our team can rustle up

Congratulations to Ralph, Rod and Tricia O’Brien for the effort and initiative. It will be a record we can all be proud of.


Or ask at SSCBC Office if you want to get in touch with Ralph, Rod or Tricia.