WASZP GAMES – Welcome to Sorrento

Parking and Trailers

We hope you enjoy your time at SSCBC. Parking is tight at the Club, but there is plenty of free parking in the surrounding streets. During peak season (Dec-Feb) and large regattas, we operate a drop and go turning circle in the car park.

Green shading indicates where normal parking is permitted.

Generally, people take their trailers back to their accommodation. If this is not an option, we can arrange trailer storage at The Wooden Boatshop.

Please be aware that parking on the ramp down to the club is not permitted. This is the entry way for the ambulance in case of an emergency and it needs to be clear at all times.

The Clubhouse

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The Main Entrance can be accessed from the carpark when going down the stairs towards the building. Please ask at reception when you need help or need to speak to our sailing team.

From reception the Members Lounge can be found straight ahead, and the restaurant is to the left of reception. Walking down the corridor to the restaurant, you can find the club’s management office to the left if you need assistance.

When going down the next flight of stairs besides the Main Entrance, you will pass our Coloured Wall where we generally hold our briefings.

At the bottom of the stairs to the left you will find a corridor with the first aid room, bathrooms, change rooms and showers. Next to this corridor we also have hot showers on the outside wall of the building for members and sailors.

Next to the outside showers are the training rooms of the Sailing Centre. During the WASZP Games these rooms will be dedicated to the WASZP Class Association, for parts sale and repairs. The hard stand is located in front of the Sailing Centre.

When you follow the passageway underneath the northern deck, you will get to Couta’s, our Galley/Kiosk.

The last room at the end of the building is the Lacco Room which will serve as Regatta Office and Jury Room.

Boat Park

Please inform us of your arrival time as soon as possible using this form:

WASZP Arrival Form

You will be allocated a spot when you get here. We will make sure that a member of our Sailing Team is on site when you arrive.

For those being allocated to the direct launching from the beach, we have purchased artificial grass to protect the boats and foils from the sand.

If you have any questions concerning the boat park, please contact David ([email protected]).

Honorary Membership

Every registered participant who arrives early will be given an honorary membership.

Access to the changerooms and toilets will be available without a swipe card during the below hours before the regatta.

If you want access at other times you will need to purchase a membership card for $40 – Do so here and we will have it available for you the next day.

  • Mon 27/11 0900 – 1700
  • Tue 28/11 0900 – 1700
  • Wed 29/11 0900 – 1700
  • Thu 30/11 0900 – 2000
  • Fri 1/12 0900 – 2000
  • Sat 2/12 0900 – 2000
  • Sun 3/12 0900 – 2000
  • Mon 4/12 0900 – 1800
  • Tue 5/12 0900 – 1800

Support Persons and Support Vessels

Family and Coaches will be granted an Honorary Membership during the event. To make us of the Honorary Membership, please register through this link in advance:

Registration of support persons and vessels

Please use the same link to let us know if you are bringing a support vessel.

Sign On/Sign Off

Please remember to sign on before in the morning before the warning signal and sign off after having returned to shore safely.

We will send you your individual sign on link on your phone prior to the event. Please use this mobile sign on function. If you encounter any problems, please get help at the Sign on Kiosk in the Regatta Office.

If you forgot to sign on before heading out, please let a Race Committee member or Course Boat know before the Warning Signal.

Water Station

Every competitor will receive a water bottle in their welcome pack.

We will have a water station on the course for you to get your water bottle refilled.


Our F&B team will prepare sailor specials each day for both breakfast and lunch. These meals will be served out of Couta’s.

We won’t be operating a food station on the course. Please take some snacks with you before you go out. There are snacks on offer at Couta’s.

Drinks after racing will be offered for special sailor prices on the Northern Deck.

Couta’s Opening Hours:

8AM – 2PM


The Opening Ceremony will take place on the 10th of December (location TBA).

On Wednesday 13th of December, we will host a Spanish Paella Fiesta for all competitors in the restaurant (included in Entry Fee).

Coaches, friends and family can purchase their tickets in advance here:

Tickets for Spanish Fiesta

The Closing Ceremony on the 15th of December will be held on the Northern Deck with finger food and music ((included in Entry Fee).

Coaches, friends and family can purchase their tickets in advance here:

Tickets for Closing Ceremony


SSCBC is an inclusive, family friendly and child-safe club. Please find below our Codes of Conduct that apply to everyone at the Club.

Information about Sorrento and the Mornington Peninsula


What’s around Sorrento

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