Yabby Lake Couta Boat Great Fort Run & CBA State Championships

Thank you to Yabby Lake for sponsoring the Yabby Lake Couta Boat Great Fort Run on Saturday 22 February 2020, incorporating the CBA State Championships. A beautiful day on the water, and perfect for the Yabby Lake wine tasting on the deck. Congratulations to all the winners and runners up who received a lovely bottle of Heathcote Shiraz, from Yabby Lake’s Heathcote winery.

Overall Series Results for the CBA State Championships were:

Div 1 Handicap:

Winner: Beau (Nick Dorman)
2nd: Nepean (Grant Smith)
3rd: Phoenix (Bruce Griffiths)

Div 2 Handicap:

Winner: Kitty Miller (Graham Burton)
2nd: Fiona (Graham Cunningham)
3rd: Joan (Rob Tucker)

Click here for full series results.

Results for second race of the series, Yabby Lake Great Fort Run Passage Aggregate, held on Saturday 22 February:
Div 1 Handicap:

Winner: Jennifer (Craig Cumberlidge, Mark Waterworth)
2nd: Phoenix (Bruce Griffiths)
3rd: Sally (Peter McKeand)

Div 2 Handicap:

Winner: Lucy (Michael Golding)
2nd: Joan (Rob Tucker)
3rd: Ruby Ann (Trevor Weir)

Click here for full results of Yabby Lake Great Fort Run

Thank you to young Ned Williamson for assisting CBA President James Mighell with the presentations.