This page has handy links for bosuns including procedure checklists for start and end of day, thorough vessel checklists and how to operate in roles such as course, pin, and start vessel.  Sailing varies and there will be variations each day, but these are the defaults we start with and adapt to the conditions

It also has links to other useful pages, so we are not duplicating information, such as the Race Committee Resources page.

Bosun PFD & VHF Numbers

Google Form checklists:

Add a Bosun Job to do  List Jobs to do  Admins Only

Duck Checklist         Admins only

RHIB Checklist         Admins Only

Race Committee Vessel Checklist          Admins Only

Preparation day – before racing           Admins Only

Emergency Checklist.     Admins Only

Other Useful Links,au/rc – Race Committee Links

Staff Presentation:

We pride ourselves in presenting well, accordingly we make sure that:


  1. Navy work shorts – Clean
  2. (Long/Short sleeve) Navy Work-Top – Clean
  3. Shoes – Work Boots/Runners (non marking) (No bare Feet)
  4. Mask on hand


  1. Neat and Tidy Professional appearance
  2. Well groomed (Clean Shaven, Nails Clipped, Deodorant, Hair tied up if long)


  1. Attach Radio to person via the lanyard
  2. Can also be attached/clipped somewhere secure
  3. If (new) radio gets wet, wash under fresh water, dry and then recharge

The Handbook Operations Checklist

Operations Checklists     Admins Only


Deputy is the app all the staff use for our shifts. The app is an employee rostering app, shift planner, staff timesheet app, and complete workforce management solution. 

The “Newsfeed” page shows any updates for staff. The “People” page shows staff members who are currently working. The “Schedule” page allows for staff to see when and who else is shifted on in the calendar. The “Dashboard” similarly allows for you to see any upcoming shifts, time sheets, tasks and time off. Lastly, the “Me” page allows for you to start your shift. You will need to clock on at the start of each shift. You need to choose the area/role you are working, add a comment (hello) and click a health declaration. 

Sailing Roster, Plan and Schedule:

The up to date daily roster for schedule, boats, bosun roles and volunteers. Also available in the Sailing Hub 

Phone Friendly Roster

Buoy Zone – Down load the app:




Buoy Zone is the Navigation App that is designed to help lay the racing courses. The race official will set the course from the start boat and will share this with support boats. 

It uses a lot of battery power, so when you have laid the course, close the app.

Most RC Vessels have chargers but bring your own cable.

  1. Sign up/register and Select to join “Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club”
  2. Join a course
  3. Select the newest course in list
  4. Fill out Boat name, role, skipper name then join
  5. Zoom into course 
  6. Follow direction/positioning of marks on course

Start Timer App

​​The New app the start boat and other boats can use for start sequencing.

Calendar for Live Season

Phone Friendly version

Google Form checklists:

Duck Checklist      Completed Checklists       Admins only

RHIB Checklist       Completed Checklists.     Admins Only

Race Committee Vessel Checklist       Completed Checklists       Admins Only

Preparation day – before racing      Completed Checklists       Admins Only

Emergency Checklist.     Admins Only

Other Useful Links,au/rc – Race Committee Links