Lacco Cup 2019

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 Logistical details and free lunch! Click here The Lacco Cup goes to Queenscliff

The Lacco Cup series will be held at 11am on Sunday 17, 24 February and 17 and 24 March. The Lacco Cup is designed for your Division 2 boat, for you and your crew to participate. Yes, there is a race and a series, but this is an excuse to get all the boats out on the water. The series is really about celebrating our historic Couta Boats.

To help celebrate the boats, and the characters who sail them, the following festivities and arrangements are planned:
•    While there will be plenty of opportunity for the competitive ones amongst us to “go for it”, there will also be other awards. As Commodore I will be giving a Commodore’s award – the criteria for which is yet to be sorted out!
•    After each race we will be having a BBQ with a seafood flavour on the Western lawn. The BBQ will be at a nominal cost of $20 per person. You can book per date via the booking link below.
•    On the 24 February we will be racing to end up in Queenscliff. A BBQ lunch will be held at QCYC with moorings, and assistance in mooring, provided to all
•    Queenscliff Couta boats will be invited to participate in the series. All Queenscliff crew will be offered a ferry service by SSCBC for the February races
•    Tim Phillips will be talking about some of the boats in the Lacco Cup , after the races in March
•    If you are short of crew or a skipper, the Club will assist in finding them for you
•    We have provided a link below to update or add your Div 2 boat on the CBA website

We would really like you to participate in all four days. However, we realize that may not always be possible. Come along for as many as you can.
The racing and on water instructions will be handled by our normal Sailing Committee procedures and will be published well in advance of each event. Registration for the series, signing up for the BBQ’s and seeking of crew will all be advertised through eTidings and the SSCBC website.

Put the dates in your diaries!
Graham Cunningham
Commodore and owner of C81 Fiona

Register your Couta Boat here and Post Race Lunch Bookings

Crew Required Link

Email to update or add your Div 2 boat to the CBA website