Gill Sorrento Midwinters

Gill Sorrento Midwinters


Lockdown Update 6:

Although the easing of settings are welcomed for various aspects of our lives, there are two restrictions that will prevent us from holding racing this weekend.

  • Community Sport:  Training is allowed but competition is not
  • Travel: People can’t travel further than 25km to train

Recreational Boating is back and Sunday forecasts are much better than what we have now.

Therefore, the following changes are being made.

OTB – Midwinters

  • Racing is abandoned – Full refunds are being processed.
  • Training will be conducted at the club for those that are within 25kms

Full details will be communicated on the OTB WhatsApp group

Couta Boats

  • No more races for the Winter Series
  • Recreational Boating will be supported at the club with tenders and a safety response available on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Couta Boat Training will be held and supported on Sunday

Full details will be sent out on the Couta Boat WhatsApp group

It’s a bit of a soft close to the season, but at least we’re not fully locked down anymore.

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 9/6/2021

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Other Helpful Links

Green shading where normal parking is allowed.

Generally people take trailers back to their accomodation, but they can be stored at the Wooden Boat Shop

Information about Sorrento and the Mornington Peninsula


What’s around Sorrento


Lockdown Update 5:

Lots of unknowns for everyone, things should become clearer on Wednesday/Thursday. Our current thinking is that the changes are probably not going to give us much more easing than Regional Victoria has at the moment. This is what we think it means for the Long weekend.

Gill Midwinters – (Saturday and Sunday)

  • Junior Sport (under 18) is allowed in Regional Vic.
  • Adult Sport Training is allowed.
  • Optimistically – we will keep the planned regatta as an option.
  • If sport is restricted to under 18s, we will change to this and refund any boats that can’t compete.
  • A cut down regatta would only have the minimum courses, staff and volunteers required to run the racing and there would be no associated social events.
  • We will wait and see how the restrictions change to finalise what we do.

Couta Boats – (Sunday)

  • If allowed, we would run the 2 scheduled Couta Boat races.
  • If only Training was allowed, we would support individual teams training with Tender and Safety services.
  • We will wait and see how the restrictions change to finalise what we do.

Numbers (and types of numbers) are fluctuating at the moment, we expect a Wednesday afternoon Press Conference will announce the changes to apply from Thursday midnight.

A wild card across this is any travel from Melbourne restrictions, regional travel has been flagged as restricted, but nothing indicated for travel within Melbourne, including to Sorrento.

We realise the uncertainty is frustrating for all of us, we would prefer to be able to be clearer, but hope that sharing what we think, know and don’t know is helpful.

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 7/6/2021

Lockdown Update 3:
Lots of unknowns for everyone, things should become clearer on Wednesday. Our current thinking is:
  • We are keeping everything at the ready to proceed with the Midwinters if restrictions allow.
  • As Junior Sport is currently allowed in Regional Victoria, it is possible we would be limited to under 18 Competitors. If this were the case, we would try and do that, subject to any restrictions.
  • To give maximum flexibility to sailors the late entry fee is suspended for the time being and may be re-applied once we know what we can do.
  • Any boats that do not register will have a 100% refund applied automatically – No questions asked.
  • Reassess when changes are announced.
Any Questions? – Contact Ben or David 
Ben Fels – Sailing Manager –  5/6/2021
Lockdown Update 1:
At the moment we do not know what the restrictions will be after the current lockdown ends. Please note that our policy is to refund in full if the event is cancelled due to Covid restrictions.
Ben Fels – Sailing Manager –  27/5/2021