Marcus Burke Wooden Launch Navigation Rally 2021

Fred has come up with a cracker course for the Nav Rally and organised some great weather as well

Below is the course and requirements for the rally in the Word or PDF document

WORD – SSCBC Nav Rally VWP3 2021 revised

PDF – SSCBC Nav Rally VWP3 2021 revised

Times. Nominated start time after 11:00 , waypoint times at South Ch. No. 7 and SSCBC West and finish time need to be submitted by the boat at time of entry.  The Finish Window for all boats is 1230 – 1300.

Scoring. Points are accumulated at South Channel No.7, SSCBC West, and at the finish.  Each second off the nominated time equals 1 point deducted from the boat’s score.

Tasks. Other tasks that are completed will accumulate points, the details of which are listed in the  Course Instructions and the Course Diagram.