Other Rules and Resources  – This page contains links to important rules resources for members.
New – Rules Blog, Ben explains and explores the Rules, Definitions,  Cases and MR/TR Calls

Safety Information for Couta Boat Racing

NEW US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing – Rules seminar

SSCBC Entry Terms and Conditions

SSCBC Codes Of Conduct

SSCBC Rules Guides – The most commonly used 95% of rules and definitions: Rules 10-17 , Rules 18-24 (coming soon) and How the rules work together.

Racing Rules of Sailing – You can download a PDF, get it as an ebook or get the World Sailing App

Australian Sailing Special Regulations (Safety Regs) Part 1 (Cat 7) for Couta Boats and Part 2 is for Dinghies.

Common Class Rules

CBA Change to class rules (Full Proposal)
Couta Class Rules Q&As Dec 2017

If you are really serious about the rules

World Sailing Case Book – Official interpretations of the RRS

Team Racing Call BookMatch Racing Call Book

Rule 42 Interpretations – Pumping, Rocking and Ooching Guides for Lasers, 49ers, 420s and Optimists