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Notice to Competitors – Winter Series 9-10 June


Other relevant Couta Boat documents

Winter Series

Notice to Competitors 9-10 June


  • The First Warning Signals have been changed to 11:45 hrs Saturday and 10:45 hrs Sunday.
  • Two races scheduled each day
  • Laid courses are described in the RSI RSI June 9-10 2018 Couta Boats V2



11:00 hrs Sunday 6 May BOX
11:00 hrs Sunday 20 May BOX Abandoned
11:00 hrs Sunday 27 May BOX
11:00 hrs Sunday 3 June RSI
11:45 hrs Saturday 9 June OW RSI
10:45 hrs Sunday 10 June OW


Opening Day

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Sam Byrne & Ted Seibereisen Memorial Trophies: A – OW – 1330

This race was abandoned and will be re-sailed on 14 January 2018

Sailing Instructions


Wooden Boatshop Series

25 November 2017: 2 races back to back – A – Sorrento 1400

2 December 2017: Sternchaser – A – SSCBC – 1400 – Abandoned
See more details here .


9 December 2017: 2 races back to back – A. Capel Sound – 1400.  Raft up at BYS after racing.

Sailing Instructions



Mercedes-Benz Mornington Couta Boat Association Victorian Championships

Mercedes Mornington Logo




Thursday, 28th December 2017:
10:30 Briefing at the Coloured Wall
12:00 First Warning Signal A – OW – 2 Races

Friday, 29th December 2017:
12:00 First Warning Signal A – OW – 2 Races

Saturday, 30th December 2017:
11:00 First Warning Signal A – OW – 2 Races
ASAP: Presentations after racing

 RSI – Race Sailing Instructions
Declaration – Helm, Crew and Equipment – Complete by 12 Noon 27th December.
An explanation of Umpiring


RT Edgar South Channel Race

RT Edgar





Monday, 1st January 2018: A & PA – D2 1300, D1 1330 – Box Start – South Channel

  Race Sailing Instructions


GANT Portsea Cup - CBA

GANT-logotype-Black new



Saturday, 6th January 2018

GANT Portsea Cup Breakfast with Glenn Ashby and briefing in the Marquee – 9am BOOK HERE

GANT Portsea Cup – CBA – Div 1: 1430, Div 2: 1435 – OW – Portsea  SORRENTO



Notice to Competitors  Race Sailing Instructions Location changed SORRENTO

Sunday, 7th January 2018
Provision for re-sail 10.00 First Warning Signal

GANT Portsea Cup Picnic and Presentation – Quarantine Station – 12:00 am – Book tables and chairs here

Couta Boat Race

Sunday, 14th January 2018: A – 1400 – OW
Resail – Sam Byrne & Ted Seibereisen Memorial Trophies

Sailing Instructions

Results .

Last season,  handicap data from the Portsea Cup was carried through to set handicaps for the next aggregate race subject to normal handicap protocol adjustments.
The Handicap Committee has seen fit to continue this protocol and will be doing so again.
Handicap Data from the NEXT Gen Couta Boat race, will not be carried forward to later aggregate races.
Twilight racing handicap data is not used for any other series.

Twilight Racing

Twilight Racing is scheduled on a pop up basis when the forecast looks suitable.

Twilight Friday 19-1-18 – Weather looking great

San Pellegrino Cup

N over A displayed racing Abandoned due to impending storm

Saturday, 10 February 2018:  A – 1400 – OW – SSCBC

Sailing Instructions


Yabby Lake Couta Boat Race

Yabby Lake







Saturday, 17th February 2018: A – 1400 – OW – SSCBC


San Pellegrino Around Mud Island Race

Saturday, 24th February 

Notice to Competitors – Couta Boat Racing Saturday 24/02/2018 Updated 1700 23/2

The window to conduct this race has improved. The following changes to racing have been made – We are continuing to monitor the weather.

The RSI issued for the race is withdrawn and replaced by the following:

The First Warning Signals will be made at 11:00 hrs for Div 1 and 11:05 for Div 2

The race will be a laid course off Sorrento, it will be scored in the Aggregate series, but will not be scored in the Passage Aggregate.

Couta Q&As

Q- Why was the change made?

A- The weather models predict that racing is possible with the calmer conditions off the club at that time and safety is enhance with closer proximity to the club.


Q- Do the rules allow the changes to the schedule?

A- Yes RRS 89.2(b) allows the Notice of race to be changed provided adequate notice is given.


Q- How was it determined that adequate notice has been given in this instance?

A- As boats would have had to have travelled for about an hour to get to the race course, this change should not have an impact on the time that boats needed to be ready to depart for the race course.


Q- Will we be racing?

A- We will monitor the forecasts as they evolve, we will continue to plan to race until such time as we are not comfortable with the safety of racing.


Coastal Living Couta Boat Race

coastal logo




Saturday, 3 March 2018: A – 1400 – OW – Portsea  Sorrento

Followed by presentations on the Western Lawn

Sailing Instructions


Couta Boat Race

Saturday, 10th March 2018: A – 1400 – OW – SSCBC  Portsea . SORRENTO

Sailing Instructions


Couta Boat Race

 Racing Abandoned due to weather

Saturday, 17th March 2018: A – 1400 – OW – SSCBC

Sailing Instructions


Couta Conversations

Recap -Preparing your Boat – Skins and Moose PDF or  YouTube

11 November 2017: Lacco Room 1300
Technical Committee and Handicapping PDF

16 December 2017: Lacco Room, 1030
Respect, Rules and Tactics plus limitations on a right of way boat. PDF   RRS Part 2 Right of Way – When Boats meet  RRS 10-17 Rules and Definitions

27 December 2017: on water, meet in the marquee, 1030

14 January 2018: Lacco Room, 1030
Wayne (Moose) Johnson will lead a conversation on boat and rig set up. There will be opportunity for questions related to powering up and de-powering the rig to suit prevailing conditions.
There is always something to learn about squeezing the last half inch out of your boat.
See you there Sunday.

Max Chester

17 February 2018: Lacco Room, 1030

17 March 2018: Lacco Room, 1030

CBA Nationals Div 2 & Lacco Cup


Sunday, 18 February 2018: CBA Nationals Div 2 and Lacco Cup – L – OW – SSCBC – 1200

Sunday, 25 February 2018: CBA Nationals Div 2 and Lacco Cup – L – OW – A(D2) SSCBC – 1200.  Racing Abandoned

Sunday, 18 March 2018: CBA Nationals Div 2 and Lacco Cup – L – OW – SSCBC – 1200 – 2 Races – Racing Abandoned

Racing Abandoned- Sunday, 25 March 2018: CBA Nationals Div 2 and Lacco Cup – L – OW – SSCBC – 1100 – 2 Races (includes a re-sail)

Race Sailing Instructions


Queenscliff Couta Boat Race

Saturday, 24th March 2018: Queenscliff Sorrento Couta Boat Races – A – 1300 – OW – Sorrento- 2 Races (includes an aggregate re-sail)

Sailing Instructions


Couta Boat Race: 2 Handed Div 2 and 3 Handed Div 1

Monday, 2nd April 2018: 1400 – OW – SSCBC

Notice to Competitors – In this race, only 3 persons shall crew a Div 1 boat and only 2 persons shall crew a Div 2 boat. For clarity a skipper is regarded as a crew member.

Cout Boat Race

Saturday, 21st April 2018: A – 2 races back to back 13:00 1st Warning Signal

Notice to competitors:

Scores are really close right up and down the leader board so the Race Committee advises:

  • Crew or equipment changes that are not declared by 1200 noon are likely to attract very severe penalties – Do not wait until radio sign on – Declare on the link above.
  • Match Racing – Some boats may try and match race their rivals – here’s a summary of what is fair play and what isn’t. If you break a rule match racing – take the penalty or risk a DNE.
  • The weather models and forecasts predict variable / volatile conditions. The Race Committee will endeavour to conduct fair racing until it is clear it is not possible.
  • Flood tide and an Easterly? – Beware of OCS and the Race Committee may have to use U Flag or Black Flag to get races away…. Details of these rules will be available at reception.